Key Details

  • Date of Birth: September 1970 (48 years of age)
  • Born: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Currently living: Sumner, Christchurch

Formal education

St Bede’s College (1983 – 1987)

Canterbury University:

Bachelor of Science Degree in statistics (1988- 1990)

Masters of Business Administration with distinction (1999 – 2001)


Key employment/governance positions

I owned business in the fitness industry for for 15 years (1993-2008), and was Managing Director of Olympus Health & Fitness Centre, and the Heritage Health Club (both based in Christchurch). The Heritage Health club won several awards (in 2006 and 2007 at the FitnessLife Industry awards)

In 2007 I sold the heritage to two staff, and in 2008 I sold Olympus to Les Mils.  I now enjoy working out in a club I don’t own! :-)

My main work is now as CEO for Fitness New Zealand, the industry association for the health & fitness industry. I am also active on many boards, including with the following:

  • Board Member of Skills Active Aotearoa (Chairman, 2001-2010, Board member 2010 – 2013). Skills Active is the government recognised standard setter for education in the Sport, Fitness and Recreation industries, and employs approximately 50 staff throughout New Zealand.
  • Board Member Manukau Leisure Services Ltd (MLS) (2006 – 2010): MLS is a council controlled organisation responsible for improving the health and well being of Manukau residents through recreation and physical activity. MLS employs around 400 staff.  MLS was incorporated back into the new Auckland Council as a part of the Auckland council merging of 2010.
  • Board Member New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) (2002 – 2008): REPs operates New Zealand’s registration body for exercise professionals, and is a founding member of the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs)
  • Chair International Confederation of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) (2005 – 2009, board member, 2009-2015)
    Originally New Zealand’s representative for this organisation, and one of the key individuals behind its formation, I am currently the board Chair (term 2009-2011).

In October 2007 I stood for the Canterbury District Health Board (and position elected by the public). I gained a respectable 9th in a field of 35 candidates, but only the top 7 are successfully elected. I continue to advocate health organisations to have a greater focus on “being healthy/wellness”, rather than just “treating sickness”, since it is both better for the public, and also costs less (which frees up funds for other health initiatives).  You will see this theme many times in my blog posts.

International Presentations

I also regularly speak at international conferences on health and wellness topics. See my International Presentations page for more info on this.