This support package is designed for single independent personal trainers, either based from within a facility, at a studio, or operating outside of any exercise facility.

PT Premium Support offers UNLIMITED support to the trainer, for all business issues.  It includes ongoing mentoring support, regular support meetings (normally on the phone) and ongoing support of helping the trainer in planing for, and meeting their business objectives.


$NZ 200 per week

You are in control: All premium support packages is offered with a minimum of eight weeks, and thereafter may be canceled by the trainer at any time by giving 28 days notice.

Exclusive: There is a very limited number of PT Premium Support Packages (between two and six, depending on how many other Premium Support clients I have).  It is therefore essential that both parties are 100% commitment to making it work.  Before starting any premium support package both parties interview each other, and there must be mutual agreement before the support package is offered.

Trainers may swap from the PT Premium Support Package to a more limited service PT Mentoring (and back) as often as they like, subject to an eight week minimum after each change.


Support is unlimited in terms of time and issues raised.

Support can be on ANY business issue: Marketing, sales, HR, employment, contract/lease negotiations, buying or selling, conflict resolution, equipment, pricing strategies.  It is agreed that where significant support is needed on issues, that the issues will be grouped into a weekly meeting that discusses all issues and solutions/ideas developed in that meeting.

In addition, support is offered for reviewing documentation and forms used by the trainer, reviewing and/or developing a business plan with the trainer, a marketing plan and/or cashflow forecasts.

Support is UNLIMITED, but not UNREASONABLE (a phone call every few hours is unreasonable).   A weekly time is booked in to cover most issues, and this may be as long as the trainer requests when the booking is made.  It is understood by both parties that initial support may be more substantial in terms of times and number of issues raised, but that the cost does not change.

There are no extras charged for at any time under this package.  The only time the trainer would incur additional costs would be to arrange face to face meetings in a location that I am not in (I am regularly travelling in NZ, and less recently to Australia, and happy to coincide face to face meetings with other trips to reduce costs).

Important things to note

  • This package is designed for one trainer, who is either operating from within an exercise facility, outside one, or a combination of both.
  • Support is normally via the phone, but can be by email or face to face by negotiation.  For face to face meetings, any travel costs are additional.
  • Before any Premium Support package is confirmed both parties have the opportunity to discuss exactly what is offered and clear about mutual expectations.
  • Premium packages are for a minimum period of eight weeks, but may then be cancelled at any time thereafter with 28 days notice.
  • All prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars, and exclude GST.  Services provided outside of NZ may be zero rated for GST (ie no GST payable).
  • To ensure both parties fully understand what services are being offered, and terms of payment, a simple one-page agreement outlines this, which both parties sign before commencing any work.