I have spent almost all of my career in the fitness industry – starting teaching aerobics back in the 1980s, owning clubs for almost 20 years through the early 1990s to 2008, including the award winning Heritage Health Club.  I am now extensively involved in various roles in the fitness  industry supporting businesses, and have been activity involved in the governance of many non-profit and commercial organisation, as well as speaking internationally on many fitness business topics.  I offer mentoring and support services to fitness centres, exercise/PT studios and personal trainers.

I am a long time Canterbury (New Zealand) resident, having being both born, and (almost entirely) raised here, in either Christchurch or Burnham.  I was formally educated at St Bede’s college, and have two degrees from Canterbury University.   I now work as the CEO for Fitness New Zealand, the industry association representing the health & fitness industry in New Zealand, along with several other roles within the leisure/fitness industry, as detailed on my CV page.

This web site outlines:

I have undertaken work for:

  • Commercial Fitness Centers
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Local Government (councils) on business plans
  • Individual personal trainers

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